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Eros Centers in Hamburg St. Pauli
The Reeperbahn is a long street in Hamburg's district of St. Pauli. It's well known for nightlife and the city's red-light district. One it's attractions are Eros Centers. They are brothels with a wide entry hall called Kontakt Hof where customers are able to meet prostitutes and negotiate prices. While in Amsterdam women present themselves behind windows like in Herbert Strasse and in Frankfurt wait inside rooms, in Hamburg's Reeperbahn romantic feeling is reduced to that of an underground parking lot.

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Best Guide for Hamburg Brothels

Reeperbahn and other Hamburg RLDs are described in all details by Joe. His site Joe's Guide to Hamburg provides valuable information about Hamburg's cheap sex venues from street hookers on Reeperbahn beside Davids Wache, garage brothels, live sex shows on Grosse Freiheit, hookers behind windows on Herbert Strasse and private incall apartments all around Altona and and St. Pauli. It's the best information for your Hamburg sex vacation including maps and locations. Joe sums it all up, there is no more need to study articles on 'World Sex Guide' anymore.
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St Pauli Domina

Around 3 Million people are visiting Hamburg's red-light district in St. Pauli. A recent video shows interviews with a German whore and domina (but not Michaela) talking about business, competition between local prostituted and more. Observe her upper lips. They look so full blown and ready to go to work with the camera man.

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RLD behind Walls

Herbert Strasse
This image show two people exiting Herbert Strasse. Steel doors need to be passed to enter the red-light area with Hamburg whores exposing themselves in windows.

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Hamburg Prostitute on TV

Youtube video showing a German VOX TV feature from Spiegel TV. It shows backstage information about prostitutes working in brothels on Herbert Strasse.

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Herbert Strasse Brothel History

Herbert Strasse is a street in Hamburg, Germany. It was used to be called Heinrich Strasse before. Since early 19th century it was used as a red-light district for prostitution due to it's vicinity to Hamburg sea port. The short strip of 60 meters length hosts brothels with red neon light where around 250 women offer sexual services from hand relief to Domina BDSM. Since 1933 both ends of Herbert Strasse are blocked with walls to not allow minors and non-working women sight of brothel windows. According to historic statements it both blocks were erected because prostitutes were asking for it. Obviously customers feel less shy to visit prostitutes if they can not be observed by others. Other sources quote Nazis to be responsible for those walls disabling sight. They were unable to shut down prostitution due to corruption so they just denied it's existence by building up walls.

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St. Pauli's Herbert Strasse, Grosse Freiheit and Reeperbahn Hamburg. All you need to know about the 'Kiez' and German whores, dominas and prostitution in Hamburg.

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