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Herbert Strasse Brothel History

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Herbert Strasse Brothel History

Herbert Strasse is a street in Hamburg, Germany. It was used to be called Heinrich Strasse before. Since early 19th century it was used as a red-light district for prostitution due to it's vicinity to Hamburg sea port. The short strip of 60 meters length hosts brothels with red neon light where around 250 women offer sexual services from hand relief to Domina BDSM. Since 1933 both ends of Herbert Strasse are blocked with walls to not allow minors and non-working women sight of brothel windows. According to historic statements it both blocks were erected because prostitutes were asking for it. Obviously customers feel less shy to visit prostitutes if they can not be observed by others. Other sources quote Nazis to be responsible for those walls disabling sight. They were unable to shut down prostitution due to corruption so they just denied it's existence by building up walls.


Inside Herbert Strasse prostitutes sit on stools and chairs behind glas windows. They open windows to talk to by-passers and solicit for paid sex. Prostitutes from Herbertsrasse are often used as guests for German TV talk shows. Herbertstrasse has also been serving as location for various German films and TV series like Polizeirevier Davidswache by producer/director Juergen Roland in 1967.

Prostitution in Hamburg's quarter of St. Pauli is also observed on Grosse Freiheit where cabaret live sex shows were conducted in bars like Salambo and on Reeperbahn. Locals refer to this red-light district as 'Kiez'.

Similar brothel RLD streets with walls to protect youth from lewd prostitutes can be found in other German cities. Some examples:
Bochum = Im Winkel, Braunschweig = Bruchstrasse, Hagen = Rampenloch, Mannheim = Lupinenstrasse, Essen = Stahlstraße, Duisburg = Vulkanstrasse, Oberhausen = Flasshofstraße, Duesseldorf = Hinter dem Bahndamm, Dortmund = Linienstraße, and Karlsruhe = Brunnenstraße.

St. Pauli's Herbert Strasse, Grosse Freiheit and Reeperbahn Hamburg. All you need to know about the 'Kiez' and German whores, dominas and prostitution in Hamburg.

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